Lindsey Pantaleo – Fine Art Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer in Jefferson City, Missouri

Dear Lindsey,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for our lovely wedding photos. When Jon asked me what the most important thing to me was about planning the wedding, I said “having Lindsey as our photographer.”

You took the time to understand and capture all the special touches that went into our day. We have photos of all the details we spent hours perfecting. These pictures don’t just capture what was there on the wedding day. They bring back precious memories of listening to music and hanging out with my bridesmaids and family, while figuring out all of our special touches days and weeks before.

You also did a wonderful job staying composed and organized on a day that moved so fast. You captured all the moments that were so special, but somehow you were never intrusive. Your positive and upbeat attitude helped keep me calm and smiling even when my face was starting to hurt!

We are honored to have your name at the bottom of our photos; you are an amazing artist.

Best Wishes,

Jon and Ashley Godwin