Lindsey Pantaleo – Fine Art Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer in Jefferson City, Missouri


First, I have to tell you what an absolute joy it has been to work with you over the last six months. I can’t even begin to express how grateful we are for your talent. Having you there for our wedding day gave me so much peace. I found out how well we got along during our incredible engagement shoot, but I don’t think I could have anticipated how much I trusted you until our wedding day. You walked in and just did your thing without me having to show you where to go, or even lift a finger, which helped me stay very, surprisingly calm. I wasn’t worried about which shots needed to be taken, and everything just seemed to flow naturally. I am so thankful for your guidance. Our wedding photos are absolutely flawless. I have so many favorites, and find new favorites each time I browse through them! I feel like you captured us perfectly. The story of us could be told simply by our wedding photos. Thank you for your time, energy and expertise. I can’t wait to call you for a maternity shoot in the next few years!

Sending our love and gratitude,

Katelin & Asa Ladd