Lindsey Pantaleo – Fine Art Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer in Jefferson City, Missouri


We are absolutely delighted with the photographs. It was so wonderful sit down and watch a slideshow of the whole day since you were able to capture many details that we missed. It was just like experiencing our wedding day all over again- minus the nerves and stress!

As a creative type, sometimes I find it hard to release creative control to others. With you, I never had that problem and was always confident in your abilities, one hundred percent. (This is a serious breakthrough for my normal control freakishness!) You are the easiest person to get along with and have the ability to go with the flow, no matter what. I loved how you essentially served as a planner and day of co-ordinator! Before you told me what the schedule should be, I had no idea. It was such a relief to be in the presence of a true professional and someone who has been to more weddings in a year than most people will attend in their lifetimes! We are incredibly thankful you were such an integral part of our wedding day!

Love always, The Philpots